Project Summary

Welcome to Teachers Inspiring Lifelong Learning (TiLL), which aims to inspire teachers’ competencies for the future. TiLL includes partners from the UK, Italy, Sweden, Belgium and France and is focused on developing a Lifelong Learning European qualification.  Working with international partners we want to build the desire amongst teachers to be lifelong learners to gain these qualities and to prepare the children of the world for the future. The model puts children’s future learning at its heart, appreciating that this will only be achieved through a high quality and flexible teaching workforce who themselves are open, lifelong learners who possess the skills and knowledge needed for education in 2030 and beyond.

The value of self reflection

Or research has shown that there is a crucial connection between self reflection and life long learning. Our project promotes the development of these skills. You will see this when you use the self assessment tool.

Length of the Project

This is a three-year (2017-2020) Erasmus + project. So far, we have investigated the current conditions of initial teacher education (ITE) and continuing professional development and learning (CPDL) across all the partner European member states and some aligned states. We have also analysed how existing programmes do, or do not, prepare teachers with the competencies needed for future education. Click here to read this report.

We have identified, based on the research literature, a set of competencies that teachers will require for the future. Click here to read this report.

We have designed an accreditation system based on self-, peer-, and ultimately systemic assessment to enable teachers to assess their future ready competencies and to identify Lifelong Learning pathways to address areas where they identify a lack of readiness. Click here to try the competency tool

How can you get involved in the future of this project?

We are pilot testing this system with teachers at different stages of their careers across several countries. Complete the self-assessment tool to receive a free summary report of your future ready competencies by clicking here.

Add to the resource bank of ideas and resources that can inspire teachers to develop future competencies and bring these to their classrooms. Suggest inspiring resources by clicking here.

We are finalising the system and looking at ways to improve and amplify this network. Do you want to be more involved? Do you know some partners who might be interested in being part of this movement to inspire teachers for the future? Add your comments by clicking here and join our newsletter by clicking here.