Friday 7th August 2020

Challenging Teacher Competencies in the time of Covid 19

In recent months, the Corona crisis has caused an earthquake in our society. Everything we took for granted is suddenly no longer evident. Securities and long-term plans are replaced by uncertainty and constant changes. This calls for reflection and introspection, but it also provides opportunities to redesign old, rigid structures.

What possible questions can you ask yourself in times like these?

To what extent can we disconnect our educational system from the “illusion of time”?

As a humanity, we have been creating people for generations who have learned to “sit out” their time. At school we must ‘sit out’ our time and later we also must work “our hours” as well in our job, as in business we also organize ourselves around hours. This belief stems from a paradigm where people are a “resource” that must be replaceable by a machine.

When you are really interested, engaged and passionate about something you are learning, time disappears. You are so absorbed in the moment that you forget everything around you. How can we create a context for children’s lifelong learning in which they can be extremely passionate and in which they later create a work situation that does not get stuck “in time” but is scalable in all areas: scalable in creativity, scalable in inspiration time, scalable in networking and connecting, scalable in expanding, in joy and in fulfilment …

To what extent can we create an educational system in which the full potential of children is realised?

The intuitive information flow is a very important part of the ‘life skill of a person’. From recent discoveries in Quantum physics, we know that everything consists of an infinite source of potential. Everything that looks fixed and solid consists of a field of potentials. Only when there is an “observer” are the potentials converted into matter. Your focus or your “observation” determines the outcome.

Your belief of the fields of potential determine the outcomes in every possible context. The more you scrutinize and dismantle it, the more potential or “intuitive information” you allow in your life.

Teachers as lifelong learners need to be willing to really open the box of potential in themselves and recognize the “infinite potential” of both themselves and the pupils they teach.

To what extent can we create an education system that focuses on core talents?

Recognizing, finding and connecting with your core talents is essential to experience fulfilment in learning and in your life. Core talents are talents that are very natural to you and that give you great fulfilment when expressed. By unlocking these talents within yourself, you are more likely to be able to recognise these talents in others. Teachers to become inspirers of lifelong learning in their pupils when they experience the fulfilment of developing their own core talents. This leads to greater personal and professional enjoyment, acuity and satisfaction and recognising this, enhances the learning of the pupils.

These three questions can be summarized in the following question: To what extent are we willing to let go of control and dare to choose greater freedom?