TiLL Reference Documents

In order to be better prepared to the teaching-challenge, below you will find four sets of slides named “TiLL IN A PILL”, compendia of what is absolutely necessary to know about each competence. It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive description; however, these research materials can provide a compass in shaping each of the aforementioned areas.  Moreover, under the same area, some of the published documents which form the theoretical underpinning of the TiLL framework are linked.

TiLL IN A PILL-Metacognition
TiLL IN A PILL-Motivation
TiLL IN A PILL-Built on Individual Differences
TiLL IN A PILL-Generate a creative learning environment

In order to offer a complete overview of the skills that describe a competent teacher, we focused on four main areas, which can be described as follows:

includes both knowledge of one’s knowledge and cognitive and affective processes, and the ability to consciously monitor one’s knowledge, process, and cognitive and affective states.

Emotional self-regulation
refers both to the ability to respond to the environment with a flexible set of emotions and to the ability to sustain the pupils’ motivation towards learning. In order to do so, knowledge of the basic motivational processes appears fundamental.
Yesim et.al.
Teacher attribution
Implicit intelligence
Bandura & self-efficacy

Built on individual differences
refers to creating an educational environment in which each pupil is able to express his/her individuality, by representing things in a number of different ways. This also means taking into account different cognitive and learning styles and adapting classes to them.
Mariani’s inventory

Generating a creative learning environment
Refers to the stimulation, in pupils, of the ability to make connections between information in a novel way, and to bring all pieces together, by giving birth to something innovative. Pupils should also be encouraged to utilize mental abilities in a special way to generate new products or solutions, linking together curiosity and perseverance.
Sharma & Sharma
Teaching for creativity

Below is a link to the European Commission’s Education & Training Monitor page. The Education & Training Monitor gathers evidence to indicate the evolution of national education and training systems across the European Union (EU).